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PGWC-led Consortium Awarded Eureka Eurostars-2 Grant.  

Partners in Global Wound Card (PGWC) announced today that the company’s grant application to support the development of its nano-X skin substitute for chronic wounds received a ranking of 11 out of 560 eligible applications in the Eurostars-2 competition, a joint program sponsored by Eureka and the European Commission. The Eurostars-2 grant is designed to support research and development being conducted by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and speed the development of the technologies and innovations. PGWC will utilize this grant funding to accelerate the company’s product development efforts and to support the preparation of required regulatory filings. The PGWC-led consortium which was awarded the Eurostar-2 grant consists of PGWC, European Medical Contract Manufacturing (EMCM) of the Netherlands, and Professional Packaging Systems (PPS) of Denmark.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this grant award from this prestigious organization and to receive such high marks for our application,” stated Mart Pearson, one of PGWC’s Co-Founders. “The grant will support our collaborative efforts with EMCM and PPS to design, validate and implement an industrial-scale manufacturing process for PGWC’s nanofiber dermal regeneration scaffold. This demonstration of scalability and low per unit manufacturing cost will be a key part of our mission to bring an affordable and highly effective treatment for advanced chronic wounds to patients and healthcare systems which currently do not have access to advanced tissue regeneration technologies, due to their high costs.”

About Partners in Global Wound Care

PGWC seek to improve healthcare equity and global access to advanced healthcare technologies through the development of revolutionary tissue regeneration technologies which are cost-effective and designed to meet the needs of patients and healthcare systems worldwide.