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 Our Strategy

By delivering a skin regeneration technology (“3rd line therapy”) at a cost comparable to that of advanced wound dressings (“2nd line therapies”) we will make active wound healing a reality for millions of patients across the globe who are suffering from chronic non-healing wounds.

Designed to meet needs

“nano-X” has been designed to meet the needs of populations around the globe who have not previously had access to a technology in this category. An accessible cost is the most obvious of these needs, but not the only one. Ease of use, practicality and, of course, wound healing efficacy are fundamental too. In addition, antimicrobial properties allow the patch to be applied where the patients are, rather than requiring a sterile operating theatre environment.

Scale manufacturing

The fact that nano-X is manufactured from a solution of readily available biopolymers, as opposed to being made from harvested tissues which must go through an expensive and complex decellularization process, enables us to generate cost savings through scale. It also ensures a more consistent final product.

Business model

From the structure of our company (decentralized, limited fixed costs) to our plans for commercialization (partnering with existing wound care specialists for product localization, regulatory filings and clinician training), we focus on aligning the interests of all partners in the value chain, from manufacturing and distribution partners to clinicians and patients.

Clinical evidence and clinician engagement

The field of wound care is littered with products which have weak clinical evidence. As a new Class III device, we are required to perform well-structured studies showing statistically significant benefits to obtain regulatory approval. After approval, we will continue to collaborate with researchers, academics, and clinicians to develop a broad and deep portfolio of evidence, with a focus on real-world documentation of efficacy.